Brynsley Silva- Cano

Who are you a mom to?

Hudson -3

Liam -6 months

How long have you been doing FIT4MOM and how did you find us?

4 months. I found out about Fit4Mom doing google search of mom and baby workouts in Los Angeles.

Why did you join?

I wanted to get out of the house during the day with Liam and do something healthy for myself and fun for him. Before joining I was going to the gym at 9pm after the kids went to bed and I was always so tired.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

I love that I can get a great workout in while bonding with my son and other moms. Its amazing to have all these moms from different backgrounds and at different stages in their kids lives come together to workout and de-stress. Fit4Mom offers such an amazing platform to not only bond with moms and workout but also as a safe place where moms can vent or decompress when they have had a rough time with their kids.

How did you meet your partner?

I met him in 7th grade. We had always been great friends throughout high school and kept in touch while we attended different colleges. We were hanging out one year for his Birthday a few years after college and things just clicked in a different way.

Tell us about your career either now or before baby?

I am a Director of Special Events and Catering at a Production Studio in Hollywood. I started there right after I graduated USC. I am so grateful for my job because it not only allows me creative freedom but I have been lucky enough to bring my kids to work. My oldest son came to work with me until he was 1.5 and now my youngest is doing the same.

What is your favorite family activity?

Traveling. I love going on family vacations. But on more consistent basis I would say swimming and trips to Disneyland and CA Adventure.

How has motherhood changed you?

It has made me a more grateful person. Everyday I am more aware of how lucky I am to have the life I do and that I am able to raise these two wonderful boys. The world can be a rough place and I know that not everyone can do the things we do so easily. So I try everyday to not take anything for granted.

What's your best mom advice?

To be present in the moment. To take time and do activities with your kids. Even if it is just sitting on the ground playing legos or going for a walk. Your time is the best thing you can ever give your kids. Also, that you need to take time for you and your spouse once in a while. In order to be the best mom you can be, you need to take a little “me” time.